Target 90% off stash

Thanks to Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, I’ve learned the art of the end of season 90% off sale at Target.  We were lucky enough to be there this morning and stock up on Christmas gifts and crafts for next year for the girls.  Here’s what we got:

Target 90

Tootsie Lollipops: $1.34/$2.69

Sweetarts: $1.34/$2.69

Cinderella Wig: $1.00/$10.00

Butterfly Mask and Princess Mask: $.20/$2.00 (each)

Red Riding Hood Costume: $1.50/$15.00

Flower Child Costume: $1.50/$15.00

2 Create Princess Hats and 2 Create Witches Hats: $.50/$5.00 (each)

2 Witch’s Broom Crafts: $.30/$3.00 (each)

Rapunzel Wedding Set: $1.50/$15.00

Spiderweb and Halloween Bookmark Crafts: $.50/$5.00 (each)

Ladybug Costume: $2.50/$25.00

I spent $14.68 and walked out of Target with $125.38 worth of products!  The Rapunzel set will be saved for Christmas for Ella, the costumes will probably go into the dress up closet and the crafts will be going away for next year.  I’m not usually very good at buying ahead, but for 90% off, how could I not?

Did you score any great Halloween deals?  I’d love to see what you got!


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