Friday’s Letters


Dear Post Office, I hope you truly are delivering my Erin Condren planner today.  But please tell FedEx that it doesn’t take you two days to get something from the post office to my house.  How far do they think I live from the Post Office?

Dear Birchbox, thank you for your super speedy shipping and points system.  Thanks to you by Wednesday I will have gifts for my mother in law, all of Ella’s teachers and dance teachers, stocking stuffers for Brian and me and a swap gift for my family.  And, I only spent about $40 (yes, I hoarde points all year for this!).

Dear Ella, your school pictures are adorable!

Dear Ava, please start using words any day.  PLEASE!!!

Dear Brian, hopefully you don’t mind a huge Target trip tonight.  Not sure if it’s your idea of a fun Friday night, but it’s mine 🙂

Dear Me, please get your eating under control.  Every day I say I will eat better, but I can’t seem to.  Yikes!

That’s it from here today.


P.S. This post contains affiliate and referral links.  If you click and sign up through my link, I will receive bonus points.

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