Friday’s Letters


Dear Ella, you were so cute yesterday with all of your excitement about Show & Tell at preschool.  I loved hearing what everyone brought and how excited you were to have participated in your first one.

Dear Ava, you are a character.  You are definitely our little helper bringing everyone their shoes and jackets when it’s time to go.  So adorable!

Dear Trader Joe’s, we need to set up a time to meet again.  The pantry is pretty bare and I’m starting to eat a lot of foods I shouldn’t.

Dear weather, please get a little warmer.  The girls would love to be outside playing and I’d love to not have the heat running constantly.

Dear husband, thank you for helping me and bringing me Ben and Jerry’s after my horrible day on Monday.  And for not judging me when I ate the whole thing!


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One Response to Friday’s Letters

  1. alisonblogg says:

    I’m with ya on the weather. I am over it!

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