Friday’s Letters


Dear preschool, why can’t you get my name on the email list for supplies for the class parties?  I am trying to be more organized this year and finding out last minute from friends isn’t helping any.

Dear Target, oh how I love you.  I think I will be buying a lot of furniture to finally get things organized in next weekend.  I’m hoping the Valentine’s sale is well stocked then too!

Dear meteorologists, why do you keep talking about big upcoming snowstorms to then downgrade them to flurries?

Dear Ava, you’ve now said “Target”, “more milk” and “bye bye”.   I am loving that you now have a few more words.  Please keep using them.

Dear Ella, why don’t you need sleep?  You’ve never been a big sleeper, but can you please sleep in once in a while?

Dear cold, you’ve had me sick for three weeks.  Please leave.

Dear Brian, remember that email I sent yesterday with the bracelets?  I really would like them…


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