Thursday Thoughts


~ I have lots of reviews coming soon.  Maybe Feb. Citrus Lane (I can’t tell if I updated my credit card in time), but I am receiving Kiwi Crate, Fabletics, a mini Kiwi Crate and Honest Co.  If you missed it I reviewed my Feb. Birchbox earlier this week.

~ I have barely watched the Olympics this year!  I wasn’t really into when it started, but by now I’m usually into it.  But when I sit down at night, I don’t even think to turn it on.  So odd.

~ I love Target’s 90% off sale.  I wish I had more time to hunt down the deals. I’d love to get more of the Sofia dolls and the Mega Blox people 🙂

~ I can’t seem to get my eating on track.  It seems like I get through a few days doing well, then I derail for a couple days.  It used to be so much easier.

~ I love this organizer at Target:

Threshold Organizer

Threshold Organizer

I almost bought it and the baskets last night to contain the crazy amount of bags we have for school/work/daycare/dance…. but Ella was being a pill so I left without it.  I’m thinking I need to go back and buy it today while it’s on sale.

Pottery Barn Oliva

Pottery Barn Olivia

I loved this set at Pottery Barn, but about $150 at Target including baskets is better than $1200 at Pottery Barn.

~ Ava is talking more and more which is great.  Not really more words yet, but if she wants my attention, she’ll say “mama” which she never used to do.

~ Ella is on school vacation this week and is off the wall!  This girl needs some social interaction in a big way.

~ I’m thinking I really need to order an Erin Condren Functional Family System.  I really don’t NEED it, but in my organizing frenzy I really WANT it.  I still need to choose colors though…


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2 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. ramblingjen says:

    Great Valentine’s Day haul! I love it when it’s 90% off!

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