Fabletics February 2014 Review

Fabletics, a collaboration between Kate Hudson and the people at JustFab work to bring stylish and affordable workout clothes to your door each month.  This is a subscription program, at the first of the month you have 10 days to choose your outfit (from $50-$80) or skip.  If you don’t do either, they will charge you the $50 and you have a credit in your account.

For February, I chose Shimmy:

Courtesy of Fabletics - Shimmy

Courtesy of Fabletics – Shimmy

Shimmy is a three piece outfit including the running sleeves, shirt and shorts.  I loved that the shorts have bike shorts underneath so you don’t have to worry about them sliding up as you are working out.  I also have been wanting running gloves, so this was a good choice.


Mailing Envelope


First Look

Not sure why my pictures are so dark.  Sorry.  Outfits ship in a mailing envelope and each item is packaged individually.  The running sleeves are on the left (they are reversible), the shorts are in the middle.

I didn’t take pictures of me wearing the outfit, so I’ll be using Fabletics’ pictures.  I have worn the outfit so the opinions are mine 🙂

Running Sleeves

Running Sleeves

Reversible Running Sleeves: $11.95 VIP, $14.95 Regular

These are one size fits all, but I’m not sure everyone could wear them.  I am a size medium/8 and they fit me fine, but they were a little tight at the top.  Not enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to leave a little mark when I took them off.  These will be great for running and taking the girls for walks in the spring and summer.

Mahe Run Short

Mahe Run Short

Mahe Run Short: $23.95 VIP, $29.95 Regular

These were the reason I chose the outfit.  They also come in purple/black which I really wanted, but by the time I chose my outfit, the coordinating shirt was sold out in my size.  I ordered a medium and they fit just fine.   They were not too short on me, but I’m only 5’3″.  They don’t ride up when I’m working out and I like that they have more coverage than traditional running shorts.

Nora V-Neck

Nora V-Neck

Nora V-Neck Back

Nora V-Neck Back

Nora V-Neck: $19.95 VIP, $24.95 Regular

I love this shirt.  I like V-necks in general and I like that it’s sleeveless.  My gym is basically a warehouse so it gets HOT in the summer.  I also like that there’s the green from the shorts on the back and shoulders.  The green panels are mesh making it feel light.  It’s very comfortable to work out in and was moisture wicking, but felt like it was about 1/2 size too big.   There’s also a zipper pocket on the back.

Final Thoughts:  I paid $49.95 for my outfit.  VIP pricing totaled $55.85 and the regular pricing was $69.85.  Were the clothes worth what I paid?  Absolutely.  They are even worth the $69.85.  I might not have paid $12-$15 for the running sleeves, but they are something I’ve been wanting to try.  I think the clothes are comfortable, cute (without being impractical for a workout) and great quality.  I can’t wait to see what they have coming for spring.


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