Citrus Lane February 2014 Review

Citrus Lane is a monthly box of goodies delivered to your door for your little one birth – age 5 and start at $29 (and decrease if you prepay).  We purchase our box for our youngest daughter who is 21 months.  Box contents are not themed but are different depending on age and gender.

First Look

First Look

When I opened the box, it was nice and full which I like.

Starlight Sailor

Starlight Sailor

Starlight Sailor: $14.99

This is a large board book with beautiful illustrations.  Ava wanted to read it right away and it’s the type of book both girls will spend a long time looking at because of the detailed illustrations.

Oogaa Plate

Oogaa Plate

Oogaa Divided Silicone Plate: $10.99

This is great because we can always use more plates and this won’t make a loud sound or break when Ava throws it on the floor.  Of course, the food will still make a huge mess 🙂  It’s dishwasher safe, which I always love.

Build a Burger

Build a Burger

Juice Beauty

Build A Burger

Green Toys Build A Burger: ~$6.00

I’m estimating on the price since it looks like this is only available as part of a larger set – the Sandwich Shop.  This was an immediate hit with both girls and I love that the pieces fit together so some skill is required in stacking them.

Green Toys Burger

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream: $12.00

I almost missed this in the box.  It was buried in the packing material and if I hadn’t known it was there I probably would have thrown it out.  I like the smell on this and after seeing my hands in some of the Julep swatch pictures on here, I need this.

Final Thoughts: I paid $29 for this box and received $43.98 worth of products.  Everything will get used so this box was another win for me.  I’m loving Citrus Lane more each month.  To learn more, or join, click here.


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