Honest Company Bubble Bath Review

Two months ago I started subscribing to the Honest Company Essential bundle (it’s $35.95 a month plus shipping, free shipping at $50).  You can put 5 items in your bundle (cleaning or bath and body) and it’s the set price.  (Make sure you put in items that equal or surpass the $35 price, otherwise you’re better off just placing an order).  The first month I chose mostly cleaning products (including the awesome floor cleaner I wrote about here).

Image courtesy of honest.com

Image courtesy of honest.com

Because Ella has had eczema, I decided the second month to add a lot of the bath and body products to my bundle.  One of the items I added was the bubble bath.  Because of their sensitive skin, the girls have never taken a bubble bath before.

The bubble bath is $11.95 for 12 oz.  According to the bottle, you should use 2-4 capfulls.  But, we found that 2 was always more than enough.  The Honest Co. hand soaps do not really foam/bubble like a regular soap, but I’ve found that the bubble bath does.

This has a slight citrus scent, nothing that is overpowering and I barely notice it on the girls after their bath.  It rinses off cleanly and now that we’ve been using it, the eczema is gone from Ella’s skin.

I know $11.95 sounds like a lot for a bubble bath when I could go to the store and get a bottle twice as large for $2.99.  But, the girls love this, it has improved their skin (no more itchy dry patches that they are scratching) and the bottle lasted us just over a month.  With the other bubble baths, the fragrances and dyes are just too harsh for Ella’s skin and they don’t rinse off as cleanly.  Plus, as part of the bundle, the average price per item is $7.

Have you bought any items from Honest Company?  What are your favorites?


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