Friday’s Letters


Dear Ava, what is with you today?  You are off the wall.  Still adorable, but you are getting into everything.

Dear Ella, is it a full moon?  The promise of Easter?  You and your sister are crazy silly today.

Dear Me, promise you will get the toy bins and the American Girl boxes labelled today.  Okay?  And then post pictures on here.

Dear Brian, thank you for driving all the way to the Container Store for me today so I can finally organize the American Girl toys.

Dear Container Store, I love you and your spring sale is making me so happy.

Dear Beachbody, I’m so happy my 21 Day Fix is shipping.  But is FedEx Smartpost really expedited?

Dear Ava, please don’t freak out when we see the Easter Bunny at the Carousel tomorrow.  This is our last chance to get a picture of you and Ella with the bunny.


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