Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack Review – April 2014: Update

I received an order from Birchbox today but as part of my order I had added a Mystery Sample Pack and figured I’d review it since I think it’s one of the great perks of ordering with Birchbox and it seems like a lot of people don’t know about it.  My order was also supposed to include the Yumi Kim iPhone case, but there was no case.  I did email Birchbox about it and will update when I hear from them.

I emailed Birchbox to see if the case was sold out express my disappointment that if it was, I wasn’t notified.  I was told my case would be shipping separately.  The next day, I received an email that it was sold out and I got a code for free shipping but as a Birchbox Ace, I get free shipping anyways.  Then, I got an email that I would get 100 points (worth $10) for the missing item.  THEN….I got an email that the 100 point email was a mistake and I would only get free shipping.

I emailed Birchbox because the free shipping is something I already have for all orders and was told that they would give me the 100 points as promised and send me any gift with purchase in stock that I chose.  The back and forth was very unlike Birchbox and as always they went above and beyond to fix it.  (I just wanted the points that I had been promised, and they gave me the points AND I’m getting a Liz Earle Skin Tonic worth $4-$10.)  This is why I shop with Birchbox, their customer service is AMAZING!

Birchbox has a bonus shop and be sure to check it out whenever you are placing an order.  Sometimes there are gifts with purchase available, sometimes there are samples with purchase.  It varies month to month, but the Mystery Sample Pack is almost always there.  The Sample Pack is free with a $35 order and promises $10 in value.

This time I received:

Mystery Sample Pack

Mystery Sample Pack

Wei Golden Root Purifying Masque: ($42.00 full size, $5.25 sample value)

I do wish there had been more information included with the sample – like how to use it.  That information is usually on the card in the monthly Birchbox.  But, I’ve read great things about them so I’m excited to try it.

Chapstick Hydration Lock: ($2.99 full size!)

I received this in a previous Birchbox as a Birchbox find – a drug store item that isn’t one of your 4-6 samples.  I’m still using the one I got.  I really like it – it’s thicker than most regular chap sticks and is something that I can always use.

My Mystery Sample Pack had a value of $8.24 and since I purchased my entire order using my Birchbox points, I didn’t even spend $35 of my own money to get it for free.  This wasn’t one of the most valuable sample packs, but I’ll use both items and it was FREE.

What have you gotten in your Mystery Sample Packs?  To learn more about Birchbox or the Mystery Sample packs, click here.


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One Response to Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack Review – April 2014: Update

  1. brandy says:

    Well out of all my subscriptions birchbox has had the worse experience. First I chose the sample choice option for the laggies box but received a different box. Back and forth because they said sorry but it is sold out. No comp. Then I also made friend refferals to earn free mystery sample packs. Several refferals and now I am going back and forth for them asking me all names of refferals so I am doing that. They are acting fishy! I mentioned it politely on there Facebook but they blocked me. Like I did something wrong? Seriously?

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