Friday’s Letters


Dear Ella, I am so sorry that the “big kids” watched a movie at day care and it bothered you.  I hope two nights of nightmares and talking all about it got it out of your system.  Time to replace those thoughts with happy ones.

Dear Ava, you are a character.  You are definitely our little helper bringing everyone their shoes and jackets when it’s time to go.  So adorable!

Dear 21 Day Fix, I am in love with you (don’t tell Brian).  This program is structured enough that I can’t go crazy with junk food and carbs, but not so restricted that I can’t have the (healthy) foods I like.  And the 30 minute workout?  What a killer.  I loved it!

Dear weather, please get a little warmer.  At least it’s not snow, but the wind is horrible.

Dear Target, how about 90% off tomorrow?  Sounds good to me 🙂

Dear Brian, thank you for doing the 21 day fix with me 🙂  I know it’s hard to give up drinking your coffee extra extra, but I promise you it’ll be worth it.


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