Target 70% Off Clearance

I heard that some Targets marked down their Easter merchandise to 90% off today, but ours was still at 70%.  Yesterday, we went to see what was left and actually bought more than I was intending to.

The 70% Off Haul

The 70% Off Haul

I got quite a bit from Target.  We bought about $150 worth of merchandise for $45.  Included in the haul were:

2 Flower Vase Craft Sets, 2 Garden Marker Craft Sets, 1 Pull Along Toy Craft Set

7 packets of tissue paper

Egg coloring bowls

2 Sets of pinwheel straws

2 Travel Magna Doodlees

2 Packets Chap Stick

2 Sets Pom Poms

Bunny Cookie Cutters

4 My Little Ponies, 2 Packages of Matchbox Cars


50% Off Food

50% Off Food

We also got two boxes of Annie’s fruit snacks and two boxes Annie’s bunny grahams.  The girls like the Annie’s products, but they can be expensive.  I am wishing I bought more than two boxes of each.

Did you get any good end of season deals at Target?


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