21 Day Fix – Day 4

I am now 4 days into the 21 day fix (only 17 left!) but I’m honestly hoping to make this more of a lifestyle change than a 21 day change.  You can read about my initial impressions here.  Today was a hard day for my husband and me on the Fix, so I wanted to update on how it’s going.

21 Day Fix Contents

21 Day Fix Contents

1. The planning food is getting easier.  I don’t always eat the same foods at every meal and snack, but the way I divide them out is the same to make it easier for me to remember.  Here’s how I divide it out:

Breakfast: red, purple, yellow

Snack: purple, 2 spoons

Lunch: red, green

Snack: green, blue

Dinner: red, yellow, green, orange

Snack: red

You don’t need to divide your foods out this way, you can eat three large meals if you want.  Eating 6 smaller meals works well for me.

2. I have “cheated” twice – birthday cakes for my Dad’s birthday and a cupcake on his actual birthday.

3. Today was another cold, rainy day and I really wanted to eat out of boredom.  I also wanted a “bad” coffee – like a latte or Frappuccino.

4. The workouts are killing me.  I’m doing the 21 Day Fix workouts with my 3 Zumba classes I teach and 2 Kettlebell classes I take.  Today I really didn’t have much energy left for the Cardio Fix.  But, I did the 10 minute abs to try and make up for my cupcake.

5. I have a few samples of Shakeology from a Beachbody coach so I’m trying it.  I do like it better than my regular protein powder, but I’m not sure I love it enough to pay that price.

6. I am seeing results on the scale and with my clothes.  It’s a great motivator to know it’s already working.

Tomorrow my husband and I go back to work (we’ve been on vacation the past few days) so I have to put this planning into action.  I packed up my lunch and snacks already and am hoping I can stick to it when at work.

Are you doing the 21 Day Fix?  How is it going?

~ Elizabeth

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