Julep Raegan Swatch and Review and Coupon Code

It’s been a while since I’ve done my nails.  They were all splitting and breaking – not sure if it was the weather, my diet or a product I used.    Most of the splitting has grown out, so I decided it was time for some polish so I picked Julep’s Raegan.  This is not a color I think I’ve worn before, I always thought it was too bright for work.  I think I got this color in a mystery box from Julep.

Image courtesy julep.com

Image courtesy julep.com

Julep describes Raegan as an “electric dark pink creme”.  I think the words electric and creme turned me off from this.  I usually don’t like the cremes, they seem too flat and boring for me.

My swatch

Julep Raegan Swatch

But, I am loving this color in real life!  The pink is bright but it’s nothing inappropriate for the office.  It covered really well with two coats and thanks to the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, they dried in five minutes and are very shiny!

Again, I think this color is very close to the swatch on Julep‘s site.  This color is very pretty and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it.

Interested in learning more about the Maven program or Julep’s polishes?  Click here to get your first box free (plus shipping).  This will enroll you in the Julep Maven program, so read carefully before signing up.


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