Kiwi Crate Rainforest Review and Coupon Code

For some reason, I never got around to posting our review of the May Kiwi Crate.  I wasn’t going to post the review, but since subscribers don’t usually receive the same Kiwi Crate each month, I figured I would post this review and it will help someone in the future 🙂

We got the Rainforest Kiwi Crate this month.  It’s went out new in Aprilto some members – Kiwi Crate has been sending out older boxes to some subscribers (but you won’t receive a duplicate).  And, all subscribers will receive the same Summer Adventure crates.

First Look

First Look

The first look doesn’t usually show too much, just the projects included for the month.  The two projects included were: My Jumping Frogs and My Rainstick.

Summer Adventure Series

Summer Adventure Series

There was an ad for the summer adventure series and a calendar for June – August.  Ella filled hers in with stickers and has been crossing off the days one at a time 🙂

Explore! magazine

Explore! magazine

Every newer Kiwi Crate includes a copy of Explore! magazine with a comic of Steve the Kiwi’s adventures, mazes and activities and further crafts the kids can do.

My Jumping Frogs

My Jumping Frogs

My Jumping Frogs was a huge hit.  You colored in frogs and created a launching pad for them.  There was felt to create “ponds” and you were supposed to try to get the frogs in the pond, but for a 2 and a 4 year old it’s just more fun to launch the frogs as far as the could.

My Rainstick

My Rainstick

My rainstick was another fun project.  After filling the rainstick with beads, you got to decorate it with sticks and feathers.  The girls loved shaking it around.

Overall, we were very happy with the May Kiwi Crate.  For $19.95 we got two great crafts.  I was excited to receive a crate that I saw some long term subscribers receive last month.  Ella loved making the frogs jump and both Ella and Ava are loving the rain stick.  Plus, I love that they make things they can play with again and again.  It’s nice to make a picture and hang it up on the fridge, but I love that they are making their own toys and I love seeing how their imaginations further their play with the crafts.

Did you get the Kiwi Crate?  If you did, what box did you get?  To learn more or sign up, click here.


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