Citrus Lane June 2014 Review

Citrus Lane is a monthly box of goodies delivered to your door for your little one birth – age 5 and start at $29 (and decrease if you prepay).  We purchase our box for our youngest daughter who is 25 months.  Box contents are not themed but are different depending on age and gender.

Over the winter it seemed like Citrus Lane got into a bit of a rut and the boxes month to month were similar.  But, the last couple of months have had new products and I’m loving it more than usual!

First Look

First Look

They boxes are back to the usual yellow boxes this month.

Information Card

Information Card

The information card has details on all the products and some coupon codes.  There was a Special Offer from Third Love included in the box this month, but since you have to spend money to use it, I’m not including it in the value of the box.

Bumkins Wet Bag

Bumkins Wet Bag

Bumkins Wet Bag: $10.95

This bag is great!  Our wet bags all got destroyed last summer and I had forgotten I needed new ones until I got an email from Citrus Lane to choose the pattern for the bag.  I chose this one for day care, it’s a home day care and they play with a water table and sprinklers during the summer so I need a bag for their wet bathing suits to come home in.  This bag is 8×11 so there’s plenty of room for both girls suits.

Skip Hop Straw Bottle

Skip Hop Straw Bottle

Skip Hop Straw Bottle: $6.00

I have heard great things about these bottles and have never bought one.  It’s a great weight, comes with a replacement straw and has a strap for little ones to carry it or to attach it to a bag.  I really want to buy more, but most on Amazon aren’t Prime eligible.  If you know stores that carry these, let me know.

Plum Organics Mighty 4 Bar

Plum Organics Mighty 4 Bar

Plum Organics Mighty 4 Bars:  ~$1.20

I love that they sent two bars this month.  Even though I get the box for Ava, I wouldn’t feel right giving her the snack without something for Ella.  We haven’t tried these yet, but I’m sure they’ll be gone by the end of the weekend.

Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy

Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy

Pouch Puzzle by Mudpuppy: $10.99

This was another hard one to value because every design had a different price on Amazon.  My friend received the tea party one and it sells for $14.99.  I like the sturdy case and I’m sure we’ll be picking more of these up in the future.

Final Thoughts: Subscriptions start at $29 a month, I paid about $15 for this box and received $29.14 worth of products.  If I included the $20 coupon, it would have been a very valuable box, but you need to spend $20 to use that.

It’s not the most valuable box, and it seemed like something was missing.  I would have rather seen a lotion or bath product instead of the coupon code, but we will use every product and I love that I finally got one of the Skip Hop straw bottles.  To learn more about Citrus Lane or to sign up, click  here.


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