Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack Women

I was so excited to receive another Birchbox Mystery Sample Packs.  For every order you place of $35 or more, you can add a Mystery Sample Pack.  It’s an item and not a coupon code, so you can get a Mystery Sample Pack and add a coupon code if one applies.  I’ve reviewed Mystery Sample Packs before (check out those reviews here and here), but we got great samples so I decided to show you what we received this time.

Mystery Sample Pack: Women’s

Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack

Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack


dr. brandt pores no more pore refiner: Value $11.25

Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos: Value $5.62

Total value: $16.87

I didn’t realize that my pictures were so bad!  This is the third time I’ve received the dr. brandt, but that’s okay since I love it.  I put it on under my foundation and find that it makes my foundation look smoother and blend easier.

I am so excited about the blush because I was just thinking that my blush is over a year old.  I love the size because I always seem to have to throw blush away before I use it all up.  Unlike your box, the colors are not based on your beauty profile, but I love this shade.

Birchbox gives an estimated value of $10 on these packs, so I think the value on this one is great!

Sometimes the sample packs are sold out, but keep checking because they are restocked frequently.

Have you gotten a Birchbox Mystery Sample pack lately?  I’d love to hear what you received.


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