Julep Maven July 2014 Review


Julep Poolside Collection

The Julep Maven program is $25 per month and you can customize your box to choose your nail polish colors and beauty products.   Mavens who subscribed prior to June 2014 are grandfathered in at $19 per month but cannot customize their box.  July’s theme was the Poolside Collection and while I loved the colors I wish I had remembered that I don’t like crème finish on my polishes.  It looks pretty but I find it harder to do on my own nails.

Julep used to arrive quickly but nail polish is not supposed to be sent via air so they had to ground ship this month which meant boxes took longer to arrive.  They did send out an email letting everyone know and also added extra Jules (rewards points) for the delay.

All polishes are Julep brand and are $14 full price/$11.20 for Mavens.

For July I chose the Classic with a twist box and three add-ons.


Julep Bare Body Milk

Bare Body Milk: $24.00/$19.20 Maven Pricing

The beauty item this month was Julep Bare Body Milk.  I usually avoid Julep‘s beauty products but needed more lotion.  To me this smells like bubble gum.  It’s not thick or greasy at all.  I think in general that Julep‘s beauty products are overpriced, but I only paid $19 for the lotion and two nail polishes.

Kelsey and Vicki - Julep July Poolside Collection

Kelsey and Vicki – Julep July Poolside Collection

Kelsey and Vicki: $14.00 each/$11.20 Maven pricing

Kelsey is described as a powder peach crème and it looks a lot more peach than my picture.

Vicki is described as a flamingo pink crème and I loved the color.  It looked like watermelon sherbet to me.  But, the formula was odd.  It was thick and clumpy.

I just realized when I was looking up the color descriptions for this review that this collection features breathable nail polish.  I’ll have to try out Kelsey to see if it has the same odd formula that Vicki had.


Free Gift - Julep Maven

Free Gift – Julep Maven

For adding on three add-ons this month, Julep sent two free nail polishes.  These were duplicates for me (from January I think) so I will be gifting them.

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat and Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat and Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: $18.00/$14.40 Maven Price

I LOVE this base coat.  I was never a huge fan of the Oxygen Nail Treatment, but this is amazing. You could wear it own its own (it makes nails matte looking) but it creates a very smooth finish for the polish

Freedom Polymer Top Coat: $18.00/$14.40 Maven Price

I thought the add-on I was getting had the Oxygen Performance Top Coat but I didn’t read the description carefully.  I do really like the Freedom Polymer Top Coat.  It dries my nails completely in a couple of minutes but it doesn’t keep them from chipping anymore than other top coats do.

Julep Cuticle Pusher

Julep Cuticle Pusher

Julep Cuticle Pusher: $14.00/$11.20 Maven pricing

Another LOVE this month.  I was shocked (not sure why) that this is metal and not plastic.  It’s a different design than most cuticle pushers I use and I really liked it.  It’s nice and heavy so it sits well in my hand.

Julep Clean Slate

Julep Clean Slate

Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen: $10.00/$8.00 Maven pricing

I really like the Clean Slate nail polish remover and added this on for touch ups.  I like that it came with three replacement tips.  I haven’t used it yet, but since it uses the same nail polish remover that I already love, I’m sure I’ll love it.

Julep Cleanup Tool

Julep Cleanup Tool

Julep Cleanup Tool : estimated $10.00/$8.00 Maven

I can’t find this tool for sale on its own, but it is part of the Well Manicured Kit.  Like the cuticle pusher, it is metal and is nice and heavy.  This is for cleaning up under nails and cleaning nail polish off of skin.  I have used this every time I’ve done my nails since I received this box and love how it works.

I paid $45 for the box and add-ons (I applied Jules to bring the cost down) and received $150 worth of full price merchandise ($120.00 Maven pricing).  I certainly would not have spent $150 on all of the items, but for 10 items I paid approximately $4.50 per item and am very happy with that.  I don’t love that one of my polishes has an odd texture but I extremely happy with the tools.

Did you opt-in for a Julep box this month?  Interested in finding out more or becoming a Maven, check out the links.  And, if you want to join, be sure to use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free (you pay shipping).  This will enroll you into the Maven program, so you will be charged each month or have to call and cancel after receiving your first box.


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