Thursday Thoughts


TTGood-copyI’m again linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts link-up.

~ Ugh!  A virus has hit our house hard the past few days.  It was Ava first on Friday, Ella on Monday and then me yesterday and today.  I actually feel better today, but I have no energy (probably because I haven’t eaten).  This wasn’t a normal bug,  more of a fever and aches than anything else.

~ I am loving the mess that Bachelor in Paradise is turning out to be.  If you want all the spoilers, be sure to check out Reality Steve.

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise

~ I really want my Birchbox to arrive.  I know what’s coming in it (I picked the Everygirl box).  Some of the samples I’d received before (Number 4 Super Comb and Harvey Prince Hello) but I love them both.  Then there’s three new products to try.  My box has been prepared to ship, so I’d love it to ship soon!!!  I’m more excited about this box then I’ve been about any box in a while.

Birchbox Everygirl

~ Even though summer isn’t over yet, I feel like it is 😦  We haven’t had lots of hot weather, so not much swimming at my parent’s pool this year.

~ We didn’t do it Ella’s Kiwi Crate last weekend because we were too busy having fun outside.  I’m hoping to do it this weekend.  Does anyone do the sibling add on?  I’m thinking of adding it on for Ava soon, but is it worth it?  How little is too little for the add on?

What’s on your mind this week?


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