August 2014 Birchbox Review Everygirl Box

Birchbox ships 4-6 beauty and lifestyle items to your door each month for only $10 a month. Plus, Birchbox lets you review your items (a short multiple choice questionnaire) for 10 points per item. Each 10 points is equal to $1 in the Birchbox shop. So, this month I paid $10 for my box and received 6 items so I earned back $6 in products. I love the Birchbox shop because they sell a mixture of high end and lower end items. Plus, they have add-ons like the Mystery Sample Packs (check out my reviews here and here) and some great gifts with purchase.

Birchbox has let you start choosing one of your samples.  I wasn’t going to choose a sample this month and let my whole box be a surprise, but when I saw the Everygirl box, I had to grab one.


The Everygirl + Birchbox

The Everygirl Birchbox came with a cute overlay. I love when the boxes are changed up for the month.


Information Card

Like every Birchbox, the Everygirl box came with an information card describing the products.  The Everygirl box promised to be full of products that are under $35 for the full size and the contents were released during sample choice.
The First Look:


First Look

Even though I knew what I was getting, I was still really excited for the first look.   You never know what sizes the samples will be or what color variations you might get.  I loved the little pillow box for this month with Tee Hee written on it 🙂

The Products:


Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub Sea Kelp + CGF: $14.99 full size/$3.75 sample value

This scrub and brand are new to me.  I love the size (1 oz) so I can use it a lot of times to see if I really like it and if it’s effective.  I didn’t read the full description of it so I was shocked that it’s black.  But, if I’d read the description before using I would have seen that it contains clay and sea kelp.  I find this to be very gritty without being rough on my skin.


Not Soap, Radio Body Wash

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash: $16.00 full size/$1.76 sample value

Another brand and product that was totally new to me.  I don’t usually pay $16.00 for shower gel, but I love getting to try new brands through Birchbox.  And I love this enough I may buy it with points.  It is lemon scented but doesn’t have a lemon Pledge smell.  It’s more of a sweet scent.  It gets very sudsy which I love.


Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect: $32.00 full size/$4.80 sample value

This was one reason I picked this box.  I love all of the Number 4 hair product but they are out of my budget.  So I love when I can get them in my Birchbox.  This protects against heat styling damage and detangles.  I think it works great.


Harvey Prince Hello

Harvey Prince Hello: $55.00 full size/$3.30 sample value

Yet another reason I picked this box.  I love the Harvery Prince Hello and have gotten it before, but don’t like to spend the money on perfume since I get so many samples.  Since I could get one I knew I would like, I was happy to get this.  Hello is a mixture of floral and citrus scents.


Benefit They’re Real Liner

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner: $24.00 full size/$1.80 sample value

I am not a liquid liner person, but I love all things Benefit so I was so excited to try this.  It’s a small sample, just enough to try it once.  Unfortunately, mine was clumpy.  I wasted most of it trying to get it out smoothly.  What I did see of it, the applicator tip worked well and I can see where I’d get a much cleaner line with this than other liquid liners.  But, I am glad I got to try it as part of my Birchbox instead of investing $24.00 into it and deciding I dont’ like the formula.

The box was $9 (I do the prepaid annual), I received $5 in Birchbox points for reviewing my products so in the end the box cost me $4.  Even without the points, the sample value was $15.41 – still much greater than the initial cost of the box.  This wasn’t my most valuable Birchbox but I got to try lots of new to me products and some that I’ve gotten before and love and I’ve discovered a few new products that I will be keeping on my wish list.

To learn more about Birchbox or to sign up, click here.


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