Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack Men

For every Birchbox order you place of $35 or more, you can add a Mystery Sample Pack.  It’s an item and not a coupon code, so you can get a Mystery Sample Pack and add a coupon code if one applies.  I’ve reviewed Mystery Sample Packs before (check out those reviews here and here).  I added this on to my order of the Limited Edition Birchbox CEW boxes (review will be up later today) and it was so good that I had to share.

Mystery Sample Pack: Men’s

Birchbox Men's Mystery Sample Pack

Birchbox Men’s Mystery Sample Pack

Roosevelt Supply Shoe Horn: $20.00
We’ve received other Roosevelt Supply items from Birchbox and the quality is very high.  I wouldn’t buy a $20.00 shoe horn (I don’t think we owned a shoe horn), but I am happy to have it.

English Laundry Oxford Bleu: ~$2.50

This was our first time getting this English Laundry scent.  My husband is a big fan of these scents, so this will get used soon.

Total Value: $22.50

We love the mystery sample packs.  Even though we’d received English Laundry scents before, this one was new to us.  And the shoe horn is something that I wouldn’t go buy but I am glad to have received.

Sometimes the sample packs are sold out, but keep checking because they are restocked frequently.

Have you gotten a Birchbox Mystery Sample pack lately?  I’d love to hear what you received.


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4 Responses to Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack Men

  1. azzrian says:

    Ah I made an order last night and almost got the men’s sample pack but decided on something else instead. The shoe horn would have been great for my hubby but then again no guarantee he would get that in his box.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The men’s stuff can be really hit or miss, but since I use the points on myself I usually get him the sample pack 🙂

      • azzrian says:

        Haha I hear you! I usually get the same thing with my points over and over – the Shave with Benefits shave foam by Eco Armour!

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