Citrus Lane August 2014 Review

Citrus Lane is a monthly box of goodies delivered to your door for your little one birth – age 5 and start at $29 (and decrease if you prepay).  We purchase our box for our youngest daughter who is 25 months.  Box contents are not themed but are different depending on age and gender.

Lately the Citrus Lane boxes have been a great value and we’ve used all the products that come in the box which makes the value even greater to me.

Our Citrus Lane  box came yesterday, but because we didn’t have power, I took the pictures in a bit of a rush this morning.  Ava saw her box and wanted to open it (I usually take the pictures and then put everything back in the box for her to open).  I apologize for the bad lighting (again…no power) and I forgot to take a first look picture.

Citrus Lane was recently acquired by and this was the first month since we were notified of the acquisition.  There was a coupon code toward a membership in the box, but I won’t count it towards the total since you have to spend money to use it.

The Products:

Medi Buddy Reusable Cold Pack

Medi Buddy Reusable Cold Pack

Cool It Buddy Reusable Soft Cold Pack: $4.75

We received ice packs from this brand from a Citrus Lane box last summer, but it wasn’t reusable.  I love the reusable ones because sometimes they need a little ice to feel better but you don’t want to break an ice pack to toss it five minutes later.  This is one of those items that I wouldn’t buy myself but love having Citrus Lane send me.

Little Pim Video Download

Little Pim Video Download

Little Pim Video Download: $13.28

This is so cute!  It’s a language learning video (they offer Spanish, French, Chinese and a lot of others), that  you can download for free!  I love that you get to choose the language – we will probably choose Spanish since that’s what the girls are most familiar with.

Petit Collage Alphabet Art

Petit Collage Alphabet Art

Petit Collage Alphabet Art: $19.00

We had a choice of items to include in the box this month and I was given the choice between the Animal cards and the Vehicles.  Ava loves animals so we went with this one.

Green Toys Tea Set

Green Toys Tea Set

Green Toys Tea Set: ~$10.00

I estimated this price because this is a Citrus Lane exclusive set.  You can get the full set with two more cups, a sugar and creamer for about $20.00 on Amazon.  The girls haven’t played with this yet, but they are always having tea parties with their dolls and it seems like we never have enough cups for everyone.  Plus, with two girls, they each need their own tea pot 🙂

Final Thoughts: Subscriptions start at $29 a month, I paid about $15 for this box and received $45,41 worth of products.  Last month’s box was more full; the digital download really made this box seem “light”.  I would have liked to see one more item: either a Mom item like a lotion or a snack to make this box feel complete.  But, I love the items included and the value was great for the second month in a row.

To learn more about Citrus Lane or to sign up (don’t forget to use code SAVEHALF to get your first box for 50% off), click  here.


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