Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyI’m again linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts link-up.

~ It seems like summer is crashing to a close, even though it’s finally started to get warm around here.  Now that school is starting, our schedules will start getting crazy with dance and soccer.  I’m going to need to get a lot better at menu planning…  Suggestions?

~ I am in love with these planner organizers from etsy:

Erin Condren Planner Organizers on Etsy

There’s a grocery list, meal planner, to do list and cleaning list in the bundle and she also offers ones for spending and bill paying.  I’m thinking I might get them as a PDF so I can reprint them year to year.  Plus, I’m not sure if I want my grocery list to be on a laminated paper with a dry erase marker.  I might just print it each time.

~ The house is finally getting clean (like really, really clean).  I need to find a better way to keep things less cluttered.  I spend at least half my time cleaning putting stuff back where it belongs.  I think a trip to the Container Store will be in our near future.  🙂

~ I’m totally in love with Married At First Sight.  A friend turned me on to it and I can’t stop watching.  Will they stay together?  Why do I care so much?

Married At First Sight

~ Since summer weather never happened here, I am moving right into fall and embracing it.  Michael’s has 40% off their flowers this week (they seem to always be on sale), so I’d like to try this (with fake pumpkins instead of real because that would be a REALLY long time to leave pumpkins sitting there):

Porch decor in a bucket

Fall Steps Decor

We have two buckets like this, one oval and one circle, that should fit great on our front and side steps.  I love the extra pumpkin outside the bucket too 🙂

~ We’ve slowed down on our boxes (I’m skipping Julep until I use up 10 of my polishes), but a Birchbox Man review will be up later today.

What’s on your mind this week?


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2 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh I love that pumpkin display. So cute and fake pumpkins would be so much better or you could end up with goopy bottoms and that is nasty. LOL Happy Michaels shopping 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks! I never go to Michael’s because I always leave with way more than I was supposed to get. I’ll be bringing the kiddos so it’ll be a quick trip

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