Friday Fave Five

Friday Fave Five

Friday Fave Five


I’m again linking up with Jennifer at Mom’s Got Mail for her Friday Fave Five blog hop.  Here are my five favorite things this week:

Favorite for Beauty:

Honest Conditioner

Honest Company Conditioner: I was on a search for a conditioner that was free of the “bad stuff” but would condition my hair without being too expensive.  Then I realized that I had it in my bathroom already.  I was using this for the girls’ hair and started using it on mine.  It has that great orange creamsicle scent that the detangling spray has.  I’m not sure if they sell it at Target, but since it’s about $10, it would be a better deal in the Honest Co. bundle.

Favorite Food:

Chocolate Deli Pop

I don’t buy this brand, but my husband’s work makes their own deli pop – it’s a popcorn cake drizzled in chocolate.  At around 50 calories each with a good amount of chocolate (and peanut butter!) on them, they are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Favorite for Kids:

Ella's First Day of Pre-K

Ella’s First Day of Pre-K

First Day of Pre-K: Ella had her first day of Pre-K (it’s three days a week, full days now).  I loved that she was so excited to go back to school and came home saying she had so much fun!  I hope she always loves to learn.

Favorite Organizing:

Chrome Laundry Sorter – Container Store

Chrome Laundry Sorter – Container Store.  We recently picked up the triple laundry sorter and a single.  We had a much more expensive laundry sorter in the laundry room that never got used.  We’ve put these in the closet outside our bathroom and now there’s no more dirty clothes on the floor 🙂  I got a pink bag for the girls’ clothes, a white for our whites, blue for darks and a green one for towels.  Only drawback…they hold so much that we can fill each bag with two loads of laundry so it’s easy to let it pile up.

Favorite for Fitness:

Fitbit Flex

I am new to the world of Fitbit (but I’ve been reading about them for years).  I’ve only been using it for two days and I can’t wait to see if it makes a difference.  I know it’s making me much more conscious of my activity and I’ve been tracking calories with it too.  I’ll update if I have some real numbers to report on weight loss.

Thanks for checking out my favorites this week!


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8 Responses to Friday Fave Five

  1. I like that laundry sorter. Most of our clothes are upstairs, and my laundry machine is in the basement. The laundry hampers I have upstairs are pretty, but not practical AT ALL. I think I have 6 loads of laundry to do today plus my grandmas…so 8! The honest conditioner doesn’t work well for my frizzy hair, but it is perfect for my daughters and I agree that it smells wonderful.

    • Elizabeth says:

      My old laundry sorter was so impractical. It was HUGE and it used one bag for all three slots so you couldn’t just pick it up and dump it in the laundry. Who knew sorting laundry was so complicated 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    I need to look at your laundry sorter. We end up with clothes everywhere and then I sort it all on the floor and end up with mini hills in my closet until they go to the wash. At least my wash is all on one floor but for some reason my boys clothes are always downstairs. I really think they get naked on the way upstairs so their clothes are on the floor instead of in a hamper. We really need to work on that one.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I found my oldest’s clothes in the living room yesterday. No idea why! I was sorting all over our upstairs hallway but then we’d be tripping over clothes all the time and it looked so messy!

  3. I need to give the conditioner a try! I use the honest co toothpaste and dish soap but havent tried their hair products.

  4. Alison says:

    A laundry sorta is on my wishlist right now! We toss all our clothes into a basket and then I spend forever sorta through them on Saturday morning before I wash them. Sorting them from the get go would make laundry day so much easier… and the bags would make getting down the narrow basement stairwell a whole lot safer! I’ll definitely have to check that one out!! 🙂

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