Leslyn's Lovely Life

I’m linking up with Leslyn at Leslyn’s Lovely Life for her Mama Mondays link up.  I think I’m going to need to visit her blog more often because I can relate to so much of what she wrote today.  It’s the same things that I feel like I’m constantly struggling with.

  • We had a great weekend.  It  was supposed to be quiet and we weren’t going to do ANYTHING, but we ended up running around but we had a blast (which is why my 4 year old is super cranky this morning).
  • We went apple picking on Saturday and the girls loved it.  We didn’t go last year, so the only time Ava has been she was about 5 months old.  And last time Ella went she was not big enough to grab a lot of apples herself.
  • Brian Herbert's photo.

    Ella Grabbing The Really High Apples

    Brian Herbert's photo.

    Ava Picking Apples


  • The outlets are right near where we went apple picking so we hit those up (of course).  I got Ella a couple of shirts for school and a sweatshirt at Gymboree Outlet and we got both girls play sneakers at the Stride Rite Outlet.  We went to the Disney Store while we were there and Ella finally decided on a costume (she’s been changing her mind every time I ask).  She finally decided on Tinkerbell (which was one choice last year) and she is an adorable Tinkerbell.  Ava is going to be Little Miss Muffet.  They look adorable of course I love that their colors coordinate.

    Tinkerbell Ella and Little Miss Ava Muffet

    Tinkerbell Ella and Little Miss Ava Muffet

  • Yesterday I spent about 3 hours grocery shopping with Ella.  We went to Target, Trader Joe’s and Trucchi’s.  I kept asking her if she wanted to go home, but she didn’t want to.  I like shopping on the weekend but I need to find a way to simplify it so that I don’t spend half the day shopping.
  • We barely got anything done around the house, but I am so glad that Halloween costumes are done and that can get crossed off the list.  We did get the family room cleaned (like REALLY, REALLY clean) and I packed up their summer clothes and filled their bureaus to fall/winter clothes.  I think tonight I am going to make a list of everything we need to do in the next couple weeks so we can start prioritizing.  I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately and need to sit back and focus on what needs to be done.

Thanks for reading.


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