Kiwi Crate Castles and Catapults Review and Coupon Code

Ella is always thrilled Kiwi Crate sitting at our door and now that they are offering Koala Crate, Ava will be thrilled to see these boxes too! There are times when everyone receives the same box (except new subscribers) and times when different subscribers receive different themes for the month.  Kiwi Crate won’t send you a duplicate of a crate that you received in the past.

In September, all current subscribers received Castles & Catapults.  This month’s box was shipped late but Kiwi Crate had emailed to let everyone know it would be coming late.  It only arrived about a week late.

Every box includes an information card showing the projects that are included in the crate.

September Kiwi Crate Castles & Catapaults

September Kiwi Crate Castles & Catapults

And now Kiwi Crates include a copy of explore! magazine with a comic, games and extension activities for the month’s box.

explore! magazine - Castles & Catapaults Sept. Kiwi Crate

explore! magazine – Castles & Catapults Sept. Kiwi Crate

The first project we tackled was Castles.  This was an easy project and I thought Ella would be done quickly, but it allowed for a lot of imagination.  She ended up spending quite a while on this and actually plans to go back today to do some more “work” on her castle.

Castle - The Supplies

Castle – The Supplies

The project involved using slots in the castle pieces to build your castle, creating flags from felt and decorating the castle and the people with stickers.  I liked the amount of imagination that was involved in this one and like every month, I like that she is creating a toy she will use again and again.

Castle - The finished product

Castle – The finished product

You can see the felt flags that Ella created (and the ones her sister did) and some of the castle decorating.  There were a lot of stickers included and Ella had some left that she was saving for “later”.  I thought it was a great plan to not only decorate the castle with thrones and tapestries, there were also stickers to decorate the dragon, jester and king and queen that came in the box.

Catapault - The finished product

Catapult – The finished product

Apparently I didn’t take a picture of the materials for catapult.  But, for this project the directions needed to be followed more closely than for castle.  It involved stacking the wood pieces and clothespin with foam tape to create a catapult.  Pom Poms and a small plastic ball were included.  I like that the wood block on the bottom was secured with velcro so kids can move it and see what difference that makes in launching the catapult.  It also included a bulls-eye target but aiming for that was frustrating so we ended up seeing how far we could launch stuff.

I love that Kiwi Crate divides out the project materials so that you don’t have to go digging through.  It’s easy to pick up one project if that’s all you have time for.   Also, the directions are written really well for kids.  Sometimes I find that directions are written for adults to help, but all the directions have pictures.  It’s great for Ella learning to follow directions and work independently.

For $19.95 we got two great crafts.  I love that they make things they can play with again and again.  It’s nice to make a picture and hang it up on the fridge, but I love that they are making their own toys and I love seeing how their imaginations further their play with the crafts.

Did you get the Kiwi Crate?  To learn more or sign up, click here (once you create an account, you will receive a $10 credit off your subscription).  The referral code works for Kiwi Crate and any of the new subscriptions (Koala Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate) which I will have reviews of later this month.


This post contains referral links.

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