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I’m linking up with Leslyn at Leslyn’s Lovely Life for her Mama Mondays link up.

Saturday was a cold, rainy day here.  I haven’t caved and turned on the heat yet, but we did put on the space heater.  Saturday was filled with dance class and grocery shopping.  Ava fell asleep on the way home from Target and woke when we got home.  I brought her to my room, turned on the tv and she fell asleep in my lap.  Ella sat on the bed with us and while Ava napped we watched Spookley the Square Pumpkin and a new Sofia the First.  Not an exciting or productive two hours, but the kind I wouldn’t trade for anything.

We had gorgeous weather on Sunday and took the girls to the corn maze.  They loved the rides, and each picked out their own pumpkin.  We spent about 4 hours there playing and had an awesome time.  Both girls were exhausted.


The kiddie maze was in the shape of Spookley and had the story on signs throughout.  We went through twice 🙂

Cow Train

Ava loved the cow train.  It hit some big bumps in the tractor ruts.  She laughed, but there was no padding in those cows!

Picking a Pumpkin


I was hoping to get more organizing and cleaning out done, but we really just had time for the regular cleaning and nothing else.

Thanks for reading.


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