Kiwi Crate Wild West Review and Coupon Code

Ella is always thrilled Kiwi Crate sitting at our door and now that they are offering Koala Crate, Ava will be thrilled to see these boxes too! There are times when everyone receives the same box (except new subscribers) and times when different subscribers receive different themes for the month.  Kiwi Crate won’t send you a duplicate of a crate that you received in the past.

In October, all current subscribers received Wild West.  The pictures this month are a little different than what I usually take.  Ella did this crate with my husband while Ava was having speech.  He was responsible for taking all photos.

Every box includes an information card showing the projects that are included in the crate.

And now Kiwi Crates include a copy of explore! magazine with a comic, games and extension activities for the month’s box.

Wild West Kiwi Crate

This month the activities were not divided out in the box.  Probably because each activity was so large!


Kiwi Crate – My Hobby Horse


Kiwi Crate – My Hobby Horse Complete

The first project they tackled was My Hobby Horse.  All the items were included to make and stuff your own hobby horse.  We have a “stick pony” that the girls love, so Ella was thrilled to make her own.

Bean Bag

Bean Bags

Project two was Cattle Roundup.  Ella got to make and decorate her own bean bags (she did the sewing herself 🙂 ).  The crate also came with a target to help Steve the Kiwi roundup the cows.  It’s basically a poster with a large hole cut out to throw the beanbags through.  I think trying to toss the beanbags was more fun for Ella than making them.  She and Ava spent about 30 minutes before bed throwing the beanbags through the target and inventing new games with them.

I love that Kiwi Crate  directions are written really well for kids.  Sometimes I find that craft directions are written for adults to help, but all the directions have pictures.  It’s great for Ella learning to follow directions and work independently.

For $19.95 we got two great crafts.  I say it every month, but I love that they make things they can play with again and again.  It’s nice to make a picture and hang it up on the fridge, but I love that they are making their own toys and I love seeing how their imaginations further their play with the crafts.

Did you get the Kiwi Crate?  To learn more or sign up, click here (once you create an account, you will receive a $10 credit off your subscription).  The referral code works for Kiwi Crate and any of the new subscriptions (Koala Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate) which I will have reviews of later this month.


This post contains referral links.

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