Tinker Crate Motors Review and Coupon Code

I was so thrilled when Kiwi Crate announced that they are offering three new crates including  Tinker Crate (for children age 9-14+).  This will be a Christmas gift for my nephew so I’m not going to do the project, but I did take everything out and read the directions to see how complex it is.

Coupon Code:  Kiwi Crate has $5 off your first box with  codes: October25 0r Blog25.  But, if you use my referral link, you will save $10 off your order.  (Full disclosure – I will also earn a $10 credit).  I checked and you can only use the referral credit or a coupon code, not both.  The referral or coupon codes are good off any of their boxes.

Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate

I’m loving the colors of all these boxes.  My mailbox was very colorful today.


Tinker Crate – First Look

The first look was mostly the Tinkerzine – Tinker Crate’s magazine.  Under that were the directions and material for the project.

Tinker Crate - Motor

Tinker Crate – Motor

The theme of the first box is Motor.  Unlike Kiwi Crate and Koala Crate, there is only one project included in the box.  But, it is a much more detailed project.  Since this box is geared toward older children, I think that is very age appropriate.  Depending on the age/skill level of your child, they may need some grownup involvement in completing this.

Tinker Crate Motor - Directions

Tinker Crate Motor – Directions

The directions are written for a child to complete their own motor.  There are pictures of the supplies and pictures for each step (I’m very visual so I loved that).

Tinker Crate Motor - The Directions

Tinker Crate Motor – The Directions

The project is broken up into chunks which is greater for the younger kids.  There are also video  instructions for kids on the Tinker Crate  website (perfect for kids and parents who need a little extra help).

Tinker Crate Motor - The Materials

Tinker Crate Motor – The Materials

I was really impressed with the materials included.  The packet in the back of the picture are small wooden pieces and it even includes the batteries.



Like all Kiwi Crate boxes, there is a magazine included to extend the learning opportunities within the box.  This months’s theme is Electricity.  The concepts are explained well and were easy to understand.  I like that they didn’t oversimplify the concepts, but they didn’t read like a textbook either.



And of course there were lots of pictures 🙂

Tinker Crate  is $19.90 per month (less if you prepay for multiple months at a time).  I was VERY impressed with this first box.  There is one activity included but it is detailed.  I really like that they split the activity into smaller chunks – it makes it easier to stop if they have to and to feel confident in what they’ve accomplished as they work through the activity.

Did you get the Kiwi Crate?  To learn more or sign up, click here (once you create an account, you will receive a $10 credit off your subscription).  The referral code works for Kiwi Crate and any of the new subscriptions (Koala Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate).


This post contains referral links.

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