Erin Condren Stickers Review and Coupon Code

Last year, I made my first purchase from Erin Condren (my Life Planner) and that really changed my organization.  Since then, I’ve been checking out their other products.  During a recent sale, I purchased some of their stickers.  The sale has ended, but if you sign up using my referral link, you will save $10 off of your first order.

Classic Gift Labels: Colorblend Balloons: $25.00 for 23 stickers


Erin Condren Stickers Outside Envelope

The stickers came in an envelope with one of the stickers on the outside and this cute label.  I don’t really need the label telling me how to use them, but it’s a great touch if you buy stickers and give them to someone as a gift.


Erin Condren Gift Label Colorblend Balloon

I purchased these stickers to put on gift bags for all of the birthday parties Ella is getting invited to.  These are a little thicker than the average paper label you buy at the store and were cheaper than buying a card for every party.  Ella likes to make her own “card” to add to gifts, so we really don’t need to be buying another one.  I chose the balloon design so we could pair them with lots of different colors of bags and tissue paper.

Mailing Label in Candy Lace (Lime/Mocha): $30.00 for a set of 23 labels


Mailing Labels Outside Envelope

These labels came in the same type of envelope that the gift labels came in.  I didn’t notice when I ordered that these are $5.00 more, but that’s because they are waterproof!


Erin Condren Mailing Label in Candy Lace

Since these are waterproof, they are glossy and are thicker than the gift labels.  I was really impressed with the quality.  (I blurred the address but left the state in the picture above so you can see the font type/size on the label).

Erin Condren Planner Photo Stickers – $5.00 per sheet


Erin Condren Planner Stickers – Personalized Photos


Erin Condren Planner Stickers – Erin Condren Art

I ordered two different sets of the photo stickers.  On one page, I used photos of our family (the ones that look dark are because the photos were dark – not a reflection on the Erin Condren printing of them).  You can use photos from your computer or upload from Facebook.

I also created stickers using the Erin Condren Art.  There are quite a few designs to choose from.  You could probably use your own clip art, but these are already sized correctly and laid out for their stickers.  The only one I am not pleased with is the balloon (that’s the blue and orange sticker in both pictures).  I thought it would be good to add to our calendar when we have a birthday party to attend, but the string on the balloon is so narrow it almost doesn’t show.  I’ll probably trace over it with a marker.

Final thoughts: I am very pleased with all of the stickers I purchased.  The only ones I would buy at full price are the photo stickers, but at 40% off (which is what I paid), I think they are worth it.  The photo stickers will make our Functional Family calendar easier for the girls to read and the mailing labels will add some nice color to gifts we send out of state to family.

Have you bought any Erin Condren stickers?  What do you think of them.


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