Tuesday Ten

I’m trying to write more daily posts about life in general, so today I’m starting with my Tuesday Ten – 10 things that are on my mind today:


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1.  I can’t believe that its going to be 62 degrees here on Christmas!  I’m sure we’ve had really warm Christmases before, but this is the warmest I remember in a long time.




Jingle Bells!

2.  I got to visit Ella’s Pre-K class on Friday for their Christmas concert and then on Monday to make sugar cube igloos.  If I could, I would volunteer all the time.  It’s so much fun to see her with her friends and in her “world”.



Lila Lane, Pembroke, MA

3.  We’ve gotten to see a lot more Christmas lights than usual this year and it’s been so much fun.  There is a small neighborhood a couple of towns from us that every house does lights to music.  There was so much to see and the girls were really impressed that “Santa” was in the window at one home.


Pajama Day

4.  Ella had pajama day at school yesterday and she had a blast.  These pajamas were found at Target (of course Ava got a pair too).  They both loved dressing as elves all day.


Cookies for Santa

5.  Last night we made cookies for Santa.  I hope he really likes sugar because they dumped a LOT on his cookies.  🙂
6.  Tomorrow the girls and I will head to Panera to pick out breakfast for Christmas morning.  I don’t know why we go there or how it became our tradition, but somehow it did.

7.  Has anyone seen this on Pinterest?  I like easy Christmas breakfasts (see #6) so I won’t be doing this on Thursday but I’m thinking we might try it for dinner tonight.  this looks like the kind of Pinterest project I could handle.

8.  Erin Condren replaced the daycare gift that was destroyed in the snow because the delivery company left the box in the snow.  It arrived Saturday in perfect condition.  I know that they have customer service “issues” but I’ve had great experiences with them.

9.  I finished shopping FOREVER ago, but I still have wrapping to do.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute 🙂

photo 2

Teacher Gifts

10.  Ella’s teacher gifts were a hit.  I’m so glad that we were able to find something that’s useful.


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