Erin Condren New You Clutch and Coupon Code

I was so excited to get the email yesterday for a NEW Erin Condren product (I’m slightly obsessed with them because they have gotten me so organized).

Erin Condren New Year Clutch

The Erin Condren New You clutch is not a personalized item and can be used alone or with your Life Planner.  It is $25 ($32.70 value) and includes:

1. Monthly Budget Book

2. Wellness Journal

3. Snap-In Meal Planner

4. Snap-In To-Do List

5. set of Elastic Bands

6. Coil Clips

and is packaged in a plastic clutch (I’ve received a couple clutches already and they are a great quality).

I ordered mine yesterday and can’t wait for it to ship so I can check out the meal planner and the budget and wellness books.  I have tried other inserts from etsy before, but they don’t clip into my Life Planner so I have to keep them in my desk making them not as convenient as I’d like.

Coupon Code: If you sign up using my referral link, you will receive a $10 coupon code from Erin Condren bringing the cost of this bundle down to $15 + shipping.


This post contains referral links

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