Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch Review and Coupon Code


Erin Condren Carry – All Clutch


Last year, I made my first purchase from Erin Condren (my Life Planner) and that really changed my organization.  You can see in my review of my Erin Condren Life Planner 15 months later that it got a little damaged from spilled coffee and water.  This year I decided to protect my Life Planner investment with a Carry-All Clutch.

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Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch Back

The Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch is $32.00, 11″ x 9″, comes in 12 patterns and is made of neoprene.  I chose the Fleur Feliz pattern with a gray background and ice blue pattern.  The front has my name on it and the back is the full pattern.  Isn’t it so pretty?



Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch Filled

The Carry-All clutch is 2″ longer and 2″ wider than the planner so it easily fits inside.  Since the clutch is made of neoprene, it has a little stretch to it.  I can easily fit my planner, pens and phone inside the clutch.


Erin Condren Carry -All Clutch Filled

The neoprene that the Carry All Clutch is made of is thick and I would definitely feel fine putting my Kindle or phone in here.  It wouldn’t protect them like an Otter Box would, but it definitely would keep them protected from bumps and scratches inside my bag.


Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch

As much as I love the neoprene, I do have to warn you that when I took this out of the box, it SMELLED!!!  Not bad, but a very strong chemical smell.  If you are sensitive to smells, you will want to air this out for a week before using it.  I’ve had mine for 3 days and I can tell that the smell is diminishing.

At $32.95, the Erin Condren Carry All Clutch is pricey and I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money (they came out in November and I have not yet seen a coupon code specifically for the clutches).  I figured if I didn’t like using it for my planner I would use it to organize things in my work bag or diaper bag.  But, I really like keeping my planner in here.  I love the pattern (it’s one of my favorites), it’s easy to wipe off and I love that I can keep more than just my planner in here.

Do you have an Erin Condren Carry All Clutch?  If you are interested in buying one, click here.  If you do have one, I’d love to see what you chose.



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4 Responses to Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch Review and Coupon Code

  1. It is really cute! I’m not one to carry clutches – does it have a strap for the wrist?

  2. Robin Maddock says:

    Elizabeth, did the smell ever completely go away? If so, how long did it take?

    Thanks, Robin

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