Finish This…


I’m linking up today for the Finish This… hosted by  NICOLE (Three 31).  Basically, she provides the prompts and I have to finish the sentences.

Describe, in great detail, your high school prom experience.

Oh god.  Who knew this would be so hard?  I must really be getting old 🙂  My senior prom was 1997 (18 years ago!) and I went with my then boyfriend/now husband.  It was a big deal to take him to the prom because he lived out of town and is three years older than me (scandalous!).


We look so young (and skinny!)

I was never huge into the prom or getting dressed up in a fancy dress…I didn’t even own makeup at the time!  For some crazy reason, my prom was on a Monday night which meant that no hairdressers were open.  Luckily my Mom and I have gone to a local hairdresser since they opened and they opened up just for me 🙂


Sorry for the crappy pic of a pic

We didn’t rent a limo, instead we drove with a couple of friends.  The prom was at a local country club and I honestly don’t remember too much from that night.  There was no after party because we had school the next day (seriously, who planned a Monday prom with school the next day?) and my boyfriend had to work the next day.

This has been fun and horrifying to recap my senior prom, thanks for reading!


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3 Responses to Finish This…

  1. Nicole says:

    Prom on a Monday night?!?! That’s the funniest, weiredest thing I’ve EVER heard. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I sorta-kinda wish I had some from mine but then I sorta-kinda don’t either. HA!!!!!

  2. NinaBeana says:

    That is so weird but maybe they went for Monday so as not to encourage all the scandalous shenanigans? Your dress looks pretty!

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