January 2015 Birchbox Review

UPDATE:  After posting this and contacting Birchbox regarding the Customer Service (they had sent me a survey), I heard back that they were going to make the service consistent with the last time I received the wrong box.  My point of this was never for them to send a new box, but I do feel that the resolution should be the same for everyone every time this happens.  

January 2015 Birchbox and Birchbox Plus

January 2015 Birchbox and Birchbox Plus

Birchbox ships 4-6 beauty and lifestyle items to your door each month for only $10 a month. Plus, Birchbox lets you review your items (a short multiple choice questionnaire) for 10 points per item. Each 10 points is equal to $1 in the Birchbox shop. So, this month I paid $10 for my box and received 5 items earning $5 in products. I love the Birchbox shop because they sell a mixture of high end and lower end items. Plus, they have add-ons like the Mystery Sample Packs (check out my reviews here and here) and some great gifts with purchase.

This was the second time I’ve received the wrong Birchbox.  The first time, they sent me a new one, but this time I got an apology.  I don’t feel that I should get a new Birchbox every time this happens, but I do feel that their response from customer service should be the same every time it happens.  But, on to what I did receive:


January 2015 Birchbox: Let’s Do This!

The January Birchbox theme is Let’s Do This!  I love the colorful boxes this month.


January 2015 Birchbox First Look

Every Birchbox contains an information card detailing what you received and how to use it.


January 2015 Birchbox First Look

My Birchbox looked a little empty this month, but mostly because the gigantic mask blended in so well with the tissue paper.


When Travelmate


When Travelmate Sheet Mask: $28.00 full size/$7.00 sample value

This is a full sheet mask that is supposed to nourish and hydrate skin.  I usually use all my samples the month I receive them, but I am going to save this for a time when I have been outside all day and my skin really needs some TLC.


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product Plus Keratin: $18.99 full size/$9.50 sample value

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, so I was really glad to see it in my box.  This is supposed to reduce friz zies and increase shine.  I found this got rid of frizzies but didn’t really add shine.  I’ll keep using it though.


Essentiel Elements Body Lotion

Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion: $19.00 full size/$3.56 sample value

I have a love/hate relationship with this lotion.  There are times I use it and all I can smell is peppermint, so I think of a foot lotion.  But, when it smells like rosemary, I love it.  It’s not greasy and absorbs into my skin well, but it’s probably not something I would buy on my own


Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Hansa: $11.00 full size/$4.95 sample value

I’ll be honest – I looked at the end of the eyeliner and thought it would be a gross color.  But, I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it.  I found the pencil to give good coverage and it didn’t smudge too easily.


Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner Hansa – Swatched


Vasanti All Star 2-in-1 Face & Eye Primer

Vasanti All Star 2-in-1 Face & Eye Primer: $39.00 full size/$6.50 sample value

I love face primers and I never would have tried them if it weren’t for Birchbox.  I find that this doesn’t go on heavy or feel greasy on my skin.  It has a slight tint to it and it does keep my foundation and eyeshadow looking better for a longer time.


Bonus Items in January 2015 Birchbox

Tosi Almond Super Bites: $34.00 full size/$11.33 sample value

Kusmi Tea BB Detox: $15.50 full size/$3.10 sample value

My box came with these bonus items.  Unfortunately, I can’t eat almonds and the tea is loose leaf, so these weren’t really bonuses for me 😦


Birchbox Plus The Everygirl Mug

Every month Birchbox offers Birchbox Plus: items that are available with free shipping and at small discount.  This month I added on The Everygirl travel mug.  It’s too big to fit under my Keurig, but I’ve been using it for water and I love it!


Birchbox 16 Month Anniversary Key Chain

Also, right before my January Birchbox arrived, I also received an email to claim my 16 month anniversary gift (and a 20% off coupon code).  I used the code and some points to get a full size mascara and the keychain is adorable.

Final Thoughts: My January 2015 Birchbox was okay.  The box was $10, I received $5 in Birchbox points for reviewing my products, so in the end the box cost me $5 and I received $45.94 in product ($14.43 was in bonus product).  I probably wouldn’t be so disappointed if I had received the products I was supposed to receive.

My biggest pet peeve this month is the difference in customer service I received when I got the wrong box.   I feel that service should always be consistent no matter which representative you get.

To learn more about Birchbox or to sign up, click here.


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3 Responses to January 2015 Birchbox Review

  1. Summer Ann says:

    I haven’t tried Birchbox yet but I think it would be worth a shot. I am a beauty nut.

    Summer Ann

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