Five on Friday

I’m linking up with a.liz adventuresDarciChristina, and Natasha for their 5 on Friday.  The Friday Fave Five post I used to link up to isn’t active anymore, but I love the idea, so here are my Five on Friday:

1. Library Books on my Kindle

Kindle Voyage: quick tour

via Amazon


I love my Kindle, but I don’t like paying for tons of books, and lots of books I only read once.  There are a certain amount you can get free through Amazon Prime, but I love downloading books for free from the library.  Each checkout should be two weeks, but you can gain a little extra time by turning off your wifi (sshhhh!)

2. Honest Company Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrub

Honest company Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrub

I got the Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrub in my Honest Co. bundle this month.  I love their products for the kids and decided to try this for me.  It’s supposed to have a lavender vanilla scent, but it really just smelled like vanilla to me (which I didn’t mind one bit).  It’s not abrasive (I have sensitive skin), but I could see a difference in the appearance of my skin.


3.  Functional Strength Training

I’m back at the gym and I love it.  The class I do is HARD and is really like working with a personal trainer in a small group environment.  Hopefully pairing this with the nutrition from the 21 Day Fix will get me to my “happy weight”

4. Hot and Sour Soup


I haven’t felt well the past couple of days and have been eating “whatever”.  They had hot and sour soup in the cafeteria at work and I had forgotten how much I love it.

5. Kiwi Crates (and the time they give me with my kiddos)

Single Crates

If I hadn’t just spent a TON of money on individual Kiwi Crates, I’d be taking advantage of this sale.  We’ve been spending so much time crafting together as a family this winter and I’m loving it.  The girls love making things they can play with and I love teaching them these new skills.  I can’t wait to make the Handmade Valentine’s this weekend!

Thanks for checking out my favorites this week!


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4 Responses to Five on Friday

  1. I LOVE getting library books for my kindle!! it’s the best 🙂 xo jillian

  2. I get books on my Kindle through my library all the time and I love it!! Not only do I not have to pay for a book I’ll probably only read once, but it saves me a trip to the library!

  3. Getting library books on my Kindle is one of my favorite money-saving tips! I also love that you don’t have to add in any extra trips to pick up and return the books.

    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

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