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I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy for her Currently post.  I’ve read lots of these before, but have never done one.  I decided now’s the time to give it a try.

Thinking about… the crazy amount of snow and wind we are supposed to get tonight and tomorrow.  This is going to be a long storm and I’m really hoping we don’t lose power.


Craving… pizza or a Five Guys burger.

Wishing… that we don’t lose power.  I think we have food we don’t need to cook and everything is charged.  Besides turning up the heat this evening in case we lose power, there’s not much more we can do.

Watching… Cougar Town.  I’m so bummed that this show is going off the air.  I know it never really got a huge following, but I love it.

Laughing… about these two monkeys playing in the snow all weekend.  This was the first time Ava was really big enough to play in the snow and she had a blast.  Watching them just throw snow in the air and laugh as it fell on them was so much fun.

Our Snowmen

Our Snowmen

Thankful for… my family and our health

~ Elizabeth


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2 Responses to Currently…

  1. Rachel says:

    Hope you don’t lose power either! You will have to update us on how much snow you end up getting!!!!!

  2. Becky says:

    Hoping you stayed warm during the snow storm!!
    Adorable pics of the kiddos!

    Thanks for linking up with my Currently link up, I appreciate it!
    Happy Friday! ~Becky with Choose Happy

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