Step Up Sunday

The Straight Arrow

I’m linking up today for a new link up with KathyBritt and Rebekah for Step Up Sunday.  A post to keep people accountable in their weight loss/health journey.


1. How many pounds did you gain or lose? 0 – I was doing great until Thursday then I had to buy lunch at work.  It went downhill from there.  But, I didn’t gain weight, so that was a success.
2. Your weekly exercise or step goal, and did you meet it? Yes, I taught three Zumba classes and went to the gym on Wednesday.  I would have also gone on Monday, but we had another big snowstorm that closed everything.
3. What is your favorite healthy snack or meal? Spaghetti squash and tomato sauce.
4. Do you have any advice or tips for the rest of us? Not really advice or a tip, but I am starting a DietBet today.  I am someone that does great for a few days then has trouble sticking with it, so I’m hoping this will do it.  Having a goal (with money on the line) should be a great motivator.

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6 Responses to Step Up Sunday

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for joining us again!!! That is such an interesting site!!! I’m going to look in and see if that is something that I can join!

  2. DT says:

    I have heard about the diet bet. I too made me a money motivator- I set aside a jar where for each workout I put in a dollar. I too joined Step up Sunday.

  3. Britt Hanson says:

    I love that you teach Zumba! So fun!

  4. Once I fall off the wagon, getting back on is so hard. I figure “well I already had one bad meal, I might as well have another, my entire diet is messed up.” This week will be better!

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