I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy for her Currently post.

Loving…  these two monkeys.  They were sitting on the floor brushing each other’s hair for about 20 minutes on Friday afternoon


Hair Dressers


Thankful… that we didn’t lose power in the last storm.  

Counting down… the days until Spring.  So much snow! I don’t mind the snow days snuggling with the girls, but I’d like life to be “normal” again.  And it’s so bitterly cold I can’t wait until we can leave in the morning without 100 layers on.


Enough, Jack Frost!


Organizing… my laundry room.  Once the snow melts (and hopefully doesn’t flood everything), I’d like to get some more beadboard up on the walls to make it appear a little more finished.

Watching… the Bachelor.  Oh, the craziness.  I know I shouldn’t watch but Britt and her moodiness and Jade and her “past”.  I’m sure I lose brain cells watching but it does make ironing more enjoyable.

Celebrating… Valentine’s Day seemed to last all weekend in our house this year.  Mostly because I bought the girls lots of activities to keep them busy during the snow storm!



Eating… nothing exciting.  I’ve started week two on the 21 Day Fix and I certainly don’t feel deprived (and I’ve lost 5 pounds) but I wouldn’t mind a cookie 🙂

~ Elizabeth


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9 Responses to Currently…

  1. lderringer says:

    I want spring too! Even living in the Deep South I’m so over winter. I need consistent warm and sunshine. Stopping by from the currently link up!

  2. I just ate a cookie for you. 🙂 Love your girls…so sweet. I have three boys and I am very thankful I live in California! Or maybe they are lucky because I probably would suit them up and send em outside to play anyway. Stopping by from the Currently Link up!

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m ready for some sun! Not sure I’m ready for the hectic summer schedule though.

    What is the 21 Day Fix? January I did a detox cleanse and now doing a TERRAFit Challenge. Mostly to get myself motivated to get active. Keep my eating accountable is nice also!

  4. Natalie says:

    I want spring too, but this is our first actual snow day in VA, lol. The kids are pretty excited for snowmen tomorrow..

  5. Amy says:

    Your girls are so cute!

    I haven’t watched the batchelor. I’m always looking for a tv show my husband will watch with me. I should convince him 🙂

    Have a great week!

  6. Kate says:

    I’m ready for spring as well, it cannot come fast enough! I hope you survive all the snow, I know that can be taxing!!!

  7. I love the photo of them brushing each others hair. I used to love to do that as a child 🙂
    WOW- That is a LOT of snow.
    Glad you guys had a great Valentine’s weekend!!
    Thank you so much for joining me this week in my Currently series, I hope you have a great weekend!!

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