Weekend Wrap Up

~ Another week, and more snow.  Luckily, this was the kind of snow that didn’t really accumulate and it was mostly overnight so it didn’t make for a messy drive.  We finally got above freezing today so there was a lot of snow melting, hopefully it won’t be icy tomorrow.


~Yesterday we took a trip to the Natick Mall and hit up the Container Store for Lego storage:

Small Smart Store System Tote

Small Smart Store System Tote

We got the Small Smart Store System Totes with the handled tray and small inserts.  Our previous storage worked, but Ella just had too many Legos for it.  This is more of a system that we will be able to grow as her collection grows.  We also stocked up on more of the Container Store accessory boxes:

Our Accessory Box

Container Store Accessory Box

These are $1.79 each and sometimes go on sale for around $1.30 each.  They are the perfect size for storing American Girl outfits (I can’t stand when the pieces of the outfits get separated from each other).



~ Speaking of American Girl, we also went to the American Girl store to browse.  There are so many cute items that have come out recently and even though we’ve seen them online it’s fun to check out the displays in the store.  

~ Lastly we stopped at Sephora because I’ve needed a new foundation for a while.  It’s been a long time since I’ve bought foundation at Sephora and it was so neat.  I don’t know when they started their color match system, but they take pictures of your skin and the computer lists out all brands/shades that match your skin tone.  It was great because every foundation they showed me was the right color, it was just finding the right formula for my skin.  I ended up with the Dr Jart+ Black Label BB Cream.

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm - new

~ I finally got through all the ironing and set out the girls’ clothes for the week.  The house isn’t all clean, but the clothes are done and it makes everything look so much more organized without piles of (clean) laundry everywhere.

How was your weekend?



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2 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. I am so jealous that you have a container store! I have to drive to Houston (5 hours away) to shop in one.

    Giftie Etcetera from #MeetUpMonday

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