Five on Friday

I’m linking up with a.liz adventuresDarciChristina, and Natasha for their 5 on Friday. :

Here are my five favorites from this week:

1. and 2. Watches and Rose Gold

I have always loved rose gold (I have family heirloom in rose gold) but it hasn’t been popular until recently so finding affordable rose gold pieces has been nearly impossible.  But now it’s EVERYWHERE.  I also haven’t worn a watch in years – I always have my cell phone on me.  But, I love this (and I love that Fossil has so many rose gold options:


3. This Forecast:

Please, please, please tell me that the forecast won’t change and we will finally be having seasonal temperatures!  I’m ready for the snow to melt, I’m ready to run and I’m ready to not freeze every time I walk outside!

4. Amazon Prime

I know that the prices have gone up over the last year, and that knowing you can have stuff at your house faster might make you buy more, but I love not having to go to the store.   And, I love not having to sneak out without the girls if I need to buy stuff for them.  

5. Stitch Fix

I love Stitch Fix for the same reason I love Amazon Prime.  There is nothing better than trying on clothes at home without kids in the dressing room with you.  And, I can look in my mirror, take pictures, try them on with my clothes and accessories and think about the clothes for a few days before deciding if I want to keep them or not (and if you’d like to sign up, I’d love it if you use my referral link – thanks!)

Thanks for checking out my favorites this week!


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4 Responses to Five on Friday

  1. Renee C. says:

    Love this 5 on Friday idea! I decided to start doing it too!!! And that watch is fabulous!
    Renee C.

  2. I had to chuckle and asked myself if those temperatures were Celsius! I live in San Diego and it is in the 70’s. BRRRR! That is still so cold. I hope it warms up for you. I love Amazon Prime, too. 🙂

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