Finish This…


I’m again linking up with Nicole over at Three Thirty One for her Finish This… series.  She provides the prompts and I provide my answer.

I have $250,000 to spend as I wish, so I purchase …

Hmmm…this is so hard so again I have multiple answers.

The Practical answer: I would use the money to pay the mortgage and then we’d have a whole lot of extra money each month to save and for spending.  And, I would give some to my parents because my Mom and Dad have watched the girls a lot of the years which has saved us a ton in daycare costs.

The Fun answer: I would buy a new car, take the (extended) family on vacation to Disney World for at least a week, get an SLR camera and take lessons and take a blogging course.  And I would give some to Heather’s Way.

The Real Way: Would be there somewhere in the middle.  I’d probably use about 5% of it for fun and the rest for practical stuff.

Thanks for reading!

~ Elizabeth

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3 Responses to Finish This…

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey Elizabeth, I like your ‘fun and practical’ approach here. I can’t wait to take Kamden (and Husband) to Disney World. The day we announced our pregnancy, that’s the first thing my mom yelled out, “I get to take my grandbaby to Disney Worlddddddddddd.” hahahahahaha

  2. Heather says:

    I enjoy this. I would give money to my parents, too and donate as well. Gift is in the giving! 🙂

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