Five on Friday

I’m linking up with a.liz adventuresDarciChristina, and Natasha for their 5 on Friday. :

We just got back from a quick stay at Great Wolf Lodge New England, so here are my five favorite pictures from our stay:


Ave who is not a daredevil at all found some water slides that she LOVED.  She went up to the top and did the whole thing herself – we just needed to be at the bottom to catch her.  She probably went down the blue slide 100 times while we were there.


Ella is totally our daredevil and she just made the height restriction for the bigger tube rides.  She absolutely had a blast going down them and loved that they went outside the building.  IMG_6608


We had a few credits left on a game card and the girls wanted to do one of the claw machines.  With some help from Dad, they each got a small plastic bear which they are obsessed with.  They are also obsessed with their “ears”.IMG_6631

Ella and I stumbled upon BINGO in the lobby and it ended up being one of my favorite memories.  She was lucky enough to win one game and was so happy with her prize of two Tootsie Rolls 🙂


I have no idea where or when this picture was taken at Great Wolf, but I love it because it’s just a great picture of them.  🙂

Thanks for checking out my favorites this week!


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