Finish This…


I’m again linking up with Nicole over at Three Thirty One for her Finish This… series.  She provides the prompts and I provide my answer.

Type for five minutes (set a timer!) about anything and everything you’re thinking about right now.
On your mark, get set, go!

Okay here we go!  Today was my husband’s day off.  After a miserable winter, he’s been trying to get the girl’s out of the house to places that don’t cost too much money.  But, he slipped on a block they left on the floor and threw out his back again (he last did it in September right before Ella’s birthday!).  So, they ended up with Happy Meals for lunch and didn’t really do anything else.  Since the girls were inside for a lot of the day, they made quite the mess in the family room.  Ava is great at working in time frames (time to clean up now) and loves to clean up.  Ella is the exact opposite.  She leaves a constant trail behind her, only likes to work on her schedule and never wants to clean up because she’s always “still playing with that”.

My Jamberry kit is supposed to arrive today and I am psyched.  It’s been about 10 years since I last did direct sales and I can’t wait to get back into it.  It’s amazing that 10 years ago when I did it, we had a separate program that had to be loaded onto the computer, online ordering was rare (and I think we paid about $25 per month for our websites) and there were no online/Facebook parties.

I was in a meeting all day today (6 hours!) with TONS of food and ate WAY more than I should have but somehow I still really want ice cream (a frappe) and I can’t get that off my mind.

I really need to get clothes ready for tomorrow and get lunches packed, but instead I’m prepping for my Jamberry launch party and blogging 🙂

Times up

Thanks for reading!

~ Elizabeth

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