Koala Crate Garden Review and Coupon Code

I was so thrilled when Kiwi Crate announced that they are offering three new crates including  Koala Crate (for children age 2-4).  Koala Crate always arrives towards the end of the month.

Coupon Code:  If you use my referral link, you will save $10 off your order. 

First Look:


Koala Crate Garden First Look

For the first time in a very long time, I hadn’t peeked in my account to see what this month’s theme was.  I was excited when I saw it was Gardening.  Both girls love to play “gardening” in our yard, so I knew this would be a hit.


Koala Crate Garden – imagine! magazine

Like every Koala Crate, this one came with an explore! magazine.  The girls really love these – they include comics, puzzles and hidden object pictures.

The Projects:

Funny Grass Head:


Koala Crate Garden – Funny Grass Head Instructions

This was probably Ava’s favorite project in the box and the one she was able to do mostly by herself.


Koala Crate Garden – Funny Grass Head Materials

Funny Grass Head involved decorating the cups with face stickers (there were more than enough in the box), adding the soil discs to the cups, adding water and seed.  We just did this on Saturday, so there’s no grass growing yet, but the girls have been checking every morning.


Koala Crate Garden – Funny Grass Head Finished Product


Koala Crate Garden – Funny Grass Head Finished Product

Growing Plant:


Koala Crate Garden – Growing Plant

The second project was Growing Plant.  There were parts of this that Ava loved, and some parts she struggled with.


Koala Crate Garden – Growing Plant Materials

Included were all of the pieces to build a tree, small tissue paper squares to make bugs (or maybe flowers), and glue.  Ava loved popping the tree pieces out of the cardboard, but she had a little difficulty putting them together.


Koala Crate Gardens – Growing Plant Finished Product

She did really enjoy squishing the tissue paper and gluing it on the tree though.  Overall, I think her tree came out adorable.

Garden Book:


Koala Crate – Garden Book

The final activity was not a craft, but a cute book about growing plants.  I love that they included this book in this month’s crate, because it explained how the animals had to keep checking back day after day to see if their plants had started growing yet.  Since one of the projects included seeds, I really like that there’s a book that explains having to wait for them to grow.


Koala Crate – Garden Book

 Final Thoughts:

Koala Crate  is $19.90 per month (less if you prepay for multiple months at a time).  I was VERY impressed with this box.  There are three activities included and while each activity didn’t take that long to create (we probably spent an hour on the whole crate), every craft created an item that they can use again and again which is what I love so much about this box.

Did you get the Koala Crate?  To learn more or sign up, click here (once you create an account, you will receive a $10 credit off your subscription).  The referral code works for Kiwi Crate and any of the new subscriptions (Koala Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate).


This post contains referral links.

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