Citrus Lane April 2015 Review + Coupon Code

Citrus Lane is a monthly box of goodies delivered to your door for your little one birth – age 5 and start at $29 (and decrease if you prepay).  We purchase our box for our youngest daughter who is almost 3.  Box contents are not themed but are different depending on age and gender.

Lately the Citrus Lane boxes have been a great value and we’ve used all the products that come in the box which makes the value even greater to me.  But, each box has felt like it’s missing something.  With Koala Crate being AMAZING lately, I think we will end this when our one year pre-paid subscription is up and just stick with that.

Our Citrus Lane  box is for a 3.5 year old girl so that I receive items that are good for both Ava (2) and Ella (5).

First Look:


Citrus Lane First Look April 2015

The first look was much fuller than last month’s first look.  I hadn’t seen any spoilers for this month’s box, so I was going into this not knowing what we may get.


Citrus Lane First Look April 2015

The Products:


Green Toys Dish Set

Green Toys Dish Set: $8.50

This set is half the size of the Green Toys set available online.  We love Green Toys – they are made of recycled plastic, are extremely durable and very light weight.  These dishes and utensils are on the smaller end, so they girls have been using these for their dolls.


My Super Cookies Chocolate Heroes

My Super Cookies Chocolate Heroes: $1.00

How cute!  Super hero cookies.  The girls always enjoy the snacks that come in Citrus Lane boxes, but rarely do we find something that they love so much we need to go buy more.


Junior Beads Glow In The Dark Bracelet

Juniorbeads Glow In The Dark Bracelet: $6.00

Of course this was a huge hit with the girls.  You can’t go wrong with a soft plastic bracelet that glows in the dark.


Wonderful Words

Wonderful Words: $19.99

This book is great!  It’s a story with TONS of pictures and each page has questions.  I ask the question and Ava will point to a picture and if she doesn’t know the word (like igloo), we tell her.

Final Thoughts: Subscriptions start at $29 a month, I paid about $15 for this box and received $35.49 worth of products.  There were again only four items, and while I liked them all, I wasn’t blown away by this box.  I really think the only way to make this subscription a value is to purchase a yearly subscription when they have their sales.

I’m glad to see the value has started to increase, but I don’t feel this is a box for subscribing long term because the repeat in brands (Barefoot Books, Green Toys, Melissa and Doug) makes the box seem less exciting.

To learn more about Citrus Lane or to sign up click  here and save 50% off your first box with my referral link.


This post contains referral links.

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2 Responses to Citrus Lane April 2015 Review + Coupon Code

  1. Oh yay! I love looking at your subscription. Thanks for sharing. That Wonderful Words book looks awesome for kids!

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