Weekend Wrap-Up

What a weekend!  Saturday started off with Ella’s dress rehearsal bright and early at 8:45!


So cute seeing her all dressed up in costume and dancing with all of her friends.  I love seeing how their hard work paid off!10412012_10206823224607031_9012257163791457958_n 11203059_10206823224247022_7439122913177401175_n 11205574_10206823224007016_6722621862469916190_n



When we got home two hours later it was time to celebrate Ava’s 3rd birthday!  She made a last minute change from wanting an Elsa cake to wanting a Doc McStuffins cake.  It was off to the party store to get a Doc balloon and a Doc tablecloth.

11140107_10206825475623305_9062937757941815548_n 11144433_10206825475663306_8206576551274973156_n 11140230_10206825475983314_8433126257739960303_n 11167915_10206825475823310_1194366622050307906_n 11150736_10206825476183319_6117459869519352441_nShe got lots of outside toys from my parents and us and was so excited to play outside!  It was an exhausting day, but so much fun!

Sunday was Ella’s dance recital, then we spent the rest of the day playing outside and planting some flowers.  Ella has been anxious for us to have a garden so we bought a hula berry plant.

White Strawberry

It’s a white strawberry that’s supposed to taste like a pineapple!  Not sure if it will grow, but it will be fun trying!

That’s my quick wrap up from our exhausting weekend.  How was your weekend?



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One Response to Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. So jealous, I couldn’t get Baileigh to stay in class this year..she was too shy. We are going to try this fall. I love the costume. My oldest danced for many years. So much fun..but hectic 😉

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