Thursday Thoughts


TTGood-copyI’m again linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts link-up.


~ If you missed it, earlier this week I posted how we organize our school lunches to make mornings easier.  Week two is almost down and it’s still a success.  I’ll be decorating the boxes this weekend and posting updated pictures next week.

~ I love Trader Joe’s!  Yummy food at an affordable price.  I’ve been shopping there for about 10 years and never once looked at their beauty products until I heard about the Pumpkin Body Butter.  I need more!!!  This stuff is as good if not better than my favorite Body Shoppe body butter ($21.00) and this is $4.99.  Now I need to check out the rest of their products!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter

~ The girls had school pictures this week and were adorable!  I can’t wait to see their pictures, hopefully they come soon.

~ Ella’s school participates in Artsonia for their art classes.  Her projects are photographed and posted and I can share them with as many friends and family as I want.  I’d never heard of anything like this before.  I love this!  Does your school participate in something similar.

Ella’s Apple


What’s on your mind this week?


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