About Me

I am a 36 year old Mom to two beautiful girls and have been married for 10 years. As a full time working Mom, I’ve had a hard time balancing work and family and everything else that goes on in life.  It seems like I spend too much of my time playing with the girls and the house is messy.  If I spend too much time cleaning, my family misses out on time together.

One day I was searching for activity kits for my then three year old Ella. I discovered Babbabox (which no longer exists) and loved that it included all the materials for activities.  No more driving from store to store, trying to buy all the materials for the crafts on Pinterest.  I started looking at reviews for different subscription boxes and that began my love for blogs and subscription boxes! After signing Ella up for Babbabox, we added Birchbox, Birchbox Man and Citrus Lane.  Babbabox has been replaced in our family with Kiwi Crate.  We’ve also added Dollar Shave Club, Honest Co., Julep and Fabletics.  After spending a year commenting on others’ blogs about what came in my boxes, and decided it was time to create my own place to review.

This blog is also my place to link up to others and showcase a little bit of myself – embracing my imperfections and learning to look at the little things more and the clock a little less.

Thanks for taking time to share this journey with me 🙂



3 Responses to About Me

  1. suwadee says:

    I keep reading your post about Erin Condren functional family acrylic board. You are the inspiration for me to order it and choose my own colorway! I didn’t know I could do that with this fleur feliz print! Thank you soooo much!!

    I know this is going to be too much to ask, but if you have some pictures left in store…could you plase share with me? I wanna know how it looks on the back…if it says my name and all?

    Not many people review this itme on internet! and on top of that….I just realized they had acrylic 40% off 2 weeks ago..and I missed it…oh my my


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